Cycling Workouts Made Easy

Spend less time planning for class and more time delivering a great experience.


Spin It: Speedtrap

The workout portion of the ride starts with a 6-minute climb followed by 4 back to back sprint drills and ending with a 6-minute endurance climb.  The goal is for riders to budget their energy for each of the speed drill.  The energy budgeted and spent for a 2-minute sprint drill should feel different than what …

Spin It: 3,2, 1

3,2, 1, is the minutes of each interval: 3-minute hill, 3 minutes speed work, 2-minute hill, 2 minutes of speed work, 1-minute hill intervals and 1-minute sprint intervals.  Riders will move from endurance work to sprint/high-intensity work. Life In Technicolor ii-Warm-up. The Boys of Summer-20 second breakaways done 4 times at the chorus line of …