Spin It: 3,2, 1

3,2, 1, is the minutes of each interval: 3-minute hill, 3 minutes speed work, 2-minute hill, 2 minutes of speed work, 1-minute hill intervals and 1-minute sprint intervals.  Riders will move from endurance work to sprint/high-intensity work.

Life In Technicolor ii-Warm-up.

The Boys of Summer-20 second breakaways done 4 times at the chorus line of the song.  The purpose is to continue to warm up and bump up the intensity.

Elysian Persuasion-3 minute climb done in the saddle.  Increase resistance every 30 seconds for the first minute and a half. Sustain the resistance for the last 1.5 minutes.

Who Needs You-3 minutes at a sustained speed.  The goal is to get riders to a pace that’s slightly uncomfortable and turn up the resistance to keep riders grounded into their saddle.  They should feel more push-back in the pedals but it should be something they can work through.

Hey Now-Arty Remix-2 minutes in a hard climb.  The first minute is in the saddle, increase resistance and riders take the climb out of the saddle for 1 minute.  After 2 minutes, riders come back into the saddle and lighten up the resistance so light and sustainable climb.  Repeat the 2-minute climb again: 1 minute in the saddle, 1 minute out of the saddle.

Drifting Away (ft. Skye)-Lange’s Sunset Mix-2 minutes of speed work, 1 minute of recovery, repeated twice.  This is a shorter interval so riders should be encouraged to increase their speed and RPMs from the last drill. The pace they hold for the first 2 minutes should be the same for the second round.

Calabria 2007-Instrumental Mix-1 minute hard climb, 1-minute moderate climb repeated three times.  The hard climb can be done in the saddle or out of the saddle.  Riders should be holding their RPMs at 65 RPMs.  The goal is to find a resistance that’s going to be hard work for the whole minute.  They should be looking forward to the recovery/lighter climb.

Here We Go-1 minute sprint, followed by 1 minute of recovery.  Follow the energy of the music for the sprint.  There’s a distinct up beat for the sprint, the sound of a big sigh and the beat turns down for the recovery period.  This song is perfect for 1:1 work/recovery sprints.

Send Me On My Way-Cooldown

Just A Ride-Stretch