Spin It: Speedtrap

The workout portion of the ride starts with a 6-minute climb followed by 4 back to back sprint drills and ending with a 6-minute endurance climb.  The goal is for riders to budget their energy for each of the speed drill.  The energy budgeted and spent for a 2-minute sprint drill should feel different than what a rider would do for a 40-second sprint.  Riders should be strategic in their approach to give their best effort for each sprint, soak up recovery, and make another attempt.

Oh Yeah-Remix
Objective: budget energy for each speed drill
Star Guitar
Warm-up part 2
30 sec ride easy, 30 sec, breakaway, 30 sec moderate out of the saddle climb. Repeat 4x
Hey Now-Arty Remix
6 minute climb
30 seconds in the saddle, 30 seconds out of the saddle 6x
Midnight Runner 2x 2 minute speed efforts
2:15-4:06 speed effort
4:50-6:20 speed effort
spin-ups increasing tempo 2x repeat 2x
:50 increase speed 10 RPM
1:30 increase speed 10 RPM
1:54 REST
2:20 intro speed 100 RPM
2:32 increase speed 10 RPM
2:50 increase speed 10 RPM
3:10 Rest
GO! feat Karen O
  3 min. steady speed w/ 30 sec sprint
RPMs 100 for first 3 minutes. Last 30 seconds sprint to end
40-second sprint, 20 sec rest x7
Start at :30
Calabria 2007-Club Mix
6 minute climb
Seated and standing climb. Every 30 seconds increase resistance and out of the saddle.  Riders stop adding when they can’t maintain 65 RPMs.
Let It Go
Cool down
The Heart of the Matter Stretch
Delicate Stretch