Spin It: Rest to Work

Riders will have 3 working songs before they get to rest.  There will be two back to back climbs followed by a fast flat.  Riders will be rewarded with a long 3-minute break to the “Take It Easy” song.  The three working songs need to be done consecutively without a break.  When riders are done climbing they need to attack the flat road to a point that feels a bit uncomfortable and close to their threshold point.

This ride is a great opportunity to stress the importance of rest in the workout.  I like to compare rest to charging your cell phone.  The longer your cell phone is plugged in and charging, the more battery life (energy) you get.  The longer the rest sessions the more time riders have to recharge their energy.


Let Me Love You-Sondrio RemixWarm-up
The WalkerContinuing to warm-up the body. Add a resistance and out of saddle on chorus:44-1:00-add and out of saddle
1:43-2:12-add and out of the saddle
2:49-3:18-add and out of the saddle
I Bet My Life-Lost Kings RemixIncreasing climb to an accleration. Starting out at a moderate climb and increasing from there. Riders work to breathlessness and come back to the moderate/sustainable climb:52 add
1:06 add
1:22 add and out of the saddle and accelerate +10-15 RPMs
1:54-2:26 rest
2:26 add
2:42 add
2:58 add and out of the saddle and accelerate +10-15 RPMs
3:30 END
I Feel So BadKeeping the resitance from the previous climb and changing position on the bike1:03-1:26 out of saddle
2:44-3:08 out of saddle
GO! feat Karen O.Fast flat at 100 RPMs. Riders establish their rythm and pace, when beat leaves, riders stay with their pace and wait for the final 30 sprint at the end.2:13 beat stops to participants do not. Start preparing for the final sprint.
Sprint at 2:52
Take It EasyRest and educate
Revolution-Instrumental Remix65 RPMs at a moderate climb. Intensity and work increases with each add. Speed increases 10-15 RPMs.:45 add
1:00 add
1:15-1:45 accelerate
1:45-2:15 rest
2:15 add
2:30 add
2:45-3:15 accelerate
Reduce speed to 65 RPMs keep resistance
Come With Me NowKeeping resistance from the last song and changing the position on the bike. At 2:37 riders assess if they can add more resistance for the last 1 minute of the song.:20 out of saddle
:40 in saddle
1:00 out of saddle
1:28 in saddle
2:05 out of saddle
2:37 in saddle
Option to addd
3:15-3:30 out of saddle
List of Demands (Reparations)Fast flat at 100-110 RPMs
Take It EasyRest and educate
Renegades-Stash Konig RemixEstablish a strong incline/hill something that requires work to keep up to about 70 RPMs1:00-1:30 increase speed +10-15 RPMs. In saddle and
add more resistance.
2:00-2:30 increase speed +10-15 RPMs. In saddle
add more resistance.
3:00-3:30 increase speed +10-15 RPMs
Beggin' For ThreadStrong climb riders choose if/when they want to come out of the saddle
Sister Rosetta:29-:47 breakaway
1:08-1:47 breakaway
2:17-2:57 breakaway
Let Me Love You-Andrew Watt AcousticCool down